what's under yours?

Directors Notes – 31 July 2011

It was suggested to me to track my rehearsal process from the very beginning. Keep track of what exercises I do and the creative process so that it can be, at the very least, documented.

But as with producing and directing from the ground up, things go by the way side…so at this stage?

After our works in progress, we have sorted through the helpful feedback, changed our format and now are polishing. polishing and polishing.

But where did we begin?

We started sowing the seeds for this project in May. In june we had a cast change and for a time tried a performer created collective. For me, I wanted had two goals:

1) To create a nurturing space to create. A ‘container’ where performers would be willing to take risks and feel empowered and invested in their own work. Everyone in the room had knowledge and could contribute vision. No one knew more than anyone else about where this project could go or it’s content

2) to build a piece that combined different aspects of art, mainly contemporary dance with theatre/text. I wished it to be, well, good and challenging for an audience.

In July, we saw the need for someone to hold the larger picture and keep us to task. I switched by to facilitator/director and we began to intensely build the current show. It started with the basic of “viewpoints” work, through in a dash of nacl process but a large part of intuition and building off the physical stories held in our body. After physical pieces were made and sketched out (more set like jell-o then cement), we began to add text where needed. Everything had to correlate back the theme of boundaries and it’s inverse pair, connection. As a director, it’s clear that I need to know what our overall picture is and an overall story/vision must be present. However, for the performer, we focused on the small, the individual. And here we still are, cleaning, making more precise in physicality (using dance vocab, mirroring and following), vocal and text.

We hope that our first fringe production will be a nuturing experience.