hey mindhive fans: according to our reviewers Held is about “things men will never truly understand, but should probably be reminded of more often” (Vue Weekly, well at least you tried) and “While it would resonate more for women, I couldn’t help…” Edm. Journal

We think this is bullshit and want to call the reviewers out on their male privilege — much of the media we consume on a daily basis is male centred. we don’t feel the need to comment on Breaking Bad being about a white middle-aged, middle-class hetro-white dude to say how good it is or isn’t. Just imagine if our show was based on race, and the race of our characters was commented on as not being relatable… see our point? It’s the old adage that female artists can’t make work that’s universal..

for more info check out:

So, we’re asking all you lovelies…. come dressed up femme, “to relate better to the piece”: dresses, high-heels, whatever femme means to you! (no matter your gender orientation)! You’ll probably understand the piece wayyy better.