A Wake presents the following artists:

Laura Porter – Covered head to toe in paint and unable to locate her phone for medical assistance, she died by absorption of toxicants. Hundreds, perhaps even thousands of Laura’s misplaced belongings (passports, lip chaps, and the like) will continue to be found in the nooks and crannies of this world for many years to come, letting her memory live on in a way. She was very tall, which may be the reason she was never concerned with such earthly matters and preferred to dream. In times when she wasn’t looking for something, she could be found making paintings, playing backstage, or writing oeuvres that were both nauseatingly sentimental and obscure. Paintings by the deceased have been put up for auction, being decidedly too morbid for the family’s household.

Rebecca John – It is with great sadness that we announce the passing of Rebecca John. In a terrible accident, that took her life, she fought the asphalt and the asphalt won. Rebecca arrived in Edmonton with a BFA-Multidisciplinary via the University of Lethbridge, in the great blizzard of 2006. She has been a mediocre contribution to the community, leaving in her wake such middle-of-the-road performances as s/kin, Fringe 2011; Simple Simon, Fringe 2010; Say Shoot, Fringe 2009; For the Love of a Zombie, Fringe 2009; The Ready-Made Playground of Marcel Duchamp, Fringe 2008. Rebecca will be greatly missed by her puppy, Marmalade, and possibly her mother. No guarantees. On Rebecca’s behalf, Marmalade has a few words: “Arf, arf, arf…bark, bark…hooooowll…arf, arf” (Translation: Many thanks to Sout

hside Memorial Chapel & Eden & Kristie Tourangeau, though I thought I’d at least get a bone out of this.) In lieu of flowers, please spay or neuter. (Above Borrowed from Bob Barker’s epithet) Long Live Lucy

Susan Kania – (infinity sign) Death: (infinity sign) Susan was loved and survived by her car Diesel. After pursuing a dance career in Vancouver, BC, the duo set out to explore Canada before settling in Edmonton in 2010. She had most recently presented a dance piece for NextFest 2012, called ‘bad betty of the mine’. It was at that time she had the good fortune of meeting the Mindhive Collective. She will be missed.
Sarah Jackson – It is with great sorrow that we announce the untimely death of Sarah Jackson. Sarah was a lover of theatre, music, art, and thrilling adventures. A recent graduate from the University of Alberta with a degree in education, majoring in drama, Sarah dreamed of teaching theatre to youth around the world. The highlights of her theatrical experiences included playing Alice in the Lost Players production of Closer, costume designing Howl for ABBEDAM 2011, Unapologetic Shifts in Tempo (a 507 project, U of A), and Midsummer’s Lucid Dream (Found Festival 2012). She loved her family, adored her friends, and was absolutely coo coo for her precious pup, Parker. She left the world too soon, with much unfinished work.

Brooke Leifso – It is with great sorrow that we announce the passing of Jennifer “Brooke” Leifso.

She will be missed in many circles. Brooke will be remembered for her work in s/kin, her assistant director work in Free Man on the Land, and as an alumni of the BA Drama program at the University of Alberta. Brooke is survived by partner, Norman, her two cats (Byron & Shelley), her niece Ember and unborn nephew Jet. The rest of her family dissipated in the Great Mystery of 2012. Brooke’s family would like to thank Eden Tourangeau for his great comfort and expertise at their time of need, and the numerous ushers. They would especially like to thank the other Mindhive Collective members for their tribute and support at this time.

Lynn Goodacre – It is with a heavy heart that we inform you of the passing of our lovely designer and friend, Lynn Goodacre. Lynn was born in Pointe-Claire, Quebec, and grew up in Edmonton, Alberta. She had been working as a freelance designer for two years, having obtained her BFA in Theatre Design from the University of Alberta in 2010. Among her most enjoyed theatrical endeavours have been s/kin (Mindhive Collective, Edmonton Fringe 2011), Mentire (L’UniThéâtre), Legally Blonde (Scona Theatre Co.), assistant design for Backwater (Windrow Performance), design advising for Howl (Abbedam Productions 2011), and a gloriously fulfilling four seasons with Dancefest@Nextfest as lighting designer. Lynn will be remembered as an artist of nearly every discipline, inventive and quirky, who could accomplish a great deal very quickly when she could be bothered to set her mind to it. Her last words were heard to be, “well, the show’s nearly open… I guess I can be done now.”