Our process is organic, decided for the space. We start with a root: movement, text, an idea, a space, and then layer in performances pieces. We hope it creates interesting and complex work.

In the first two weeks we have created a lot of short pieces about death, life and the space itself.

This Sunday, August 5th, we had our first run through with the band and a small private audience. We were able to garner feedback, necessary to make sure the ideas and direction have a stronger resonance than just with our collective.

With our topic of death being so broad, the Works in Progress performance enables us to see what is strong, weak and how to best tighten our piece.

Until opening night, August 16th, we would like to have new, fresh, eyes examining our work. It keeps us fresh and under pressure.

If you wish to attend, please get ahold of us through our facebook page, email or twitter @mindhiveyeg.