Dead Red Pine

Dead Red Pine is an Edmonton Based indie folk band. They’ve graciously agreed to work with us for this upcoming collaboration.

Here is their “obit”

DEAD RED PINE WAS Marco Taucer, Rebekah Sherman, Sophie Heppell, Steve Badach, Stephen Tchir On Saturday, July 28, 2012, Edmonton art-folk ensemble Dead Red Pine passed away in a series of tragic and oddly coincidental and concurrent accidents just hours after releasing the band’s debut EP and weeks before they would begin their stage-collaboration with Mindhive Collective. Guitarist and bandleader Marco Taucer, who fell down a well while playing a celebratory game of solitary midnight soccer, will be remembered primarily for his evocative compositions that seem to drift effortlessly between the realms of folk, pop and art music. Violinist Rebekah Sherman and violist Sophie Heppell somehow managed to impale one another with their bows while attempting to perform B.S. Bach’s infamously dangerous Jousting Suite in an ill-advised attempt to earn some extra income while dazzling onlookers. They will be sorely missed. In an attempt to finally fuse each other into a single entity, the twisted experiment of bassist/eccentric scientist Steve Badach and mandolinist/banjoist/trusty side-kick Stephen Tchir went horribly wrong, and the hybrid finally succumb to complications related to the anaesthetic used, as well as the lightning. Memorial Service August 16-26 at South Side Memorial Chapel, 8310 104 Street. In lieu of flowers, memorial donations will be gladly accepted by Mindhive Collective.

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